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The Ink & Brayer Journal: Print Pattern Weave

20+ Stunning Fabrics for a Retro or Mid Century Modern Home

20+ Stunning Fabrics for a Retro or Mid Century Modern Home
Bren Sutton - Ink & BrayerHi fabric lovers!

Recently I had a really exciting brief - finding a patterned textile, for a client, for drapery in her mid-century modern home. At first glance it seemed very challenging and nothing felt quite the right match given it had to tie in with other details in her home, but I soon discovered a host of gorgeous fabric designs. 

Check out some of the stunners I found:

Pictured above and top: Kelly Wearstler 'District' Fabric, Colours Claret and Tobacco (Warwick Fabrics)

Pictured above: Kelly Wearstler 'District' Fabric, Colour Apricot (Warwick Fabrics)

Pictured above: Pierre Frey 'Mil Neuf Cent Vingt' Fabric, Multicolour (Atelier Textiles)

Pictured above: Pierre Frey 'Rivière' Fabric, 100% linen (Atelier Textiles)

Pictured above: Pierre Frey 'Kagura' Tutti Frutti fabric, 100% linen (Atelier Textiles)

Pictured above: Filippo Uecher 'Tintoretto Attis' Fabric, 100% linen (Atelier Textiles)

Pictured above: Filippo Uecher 'Tintoretto Attis' Fabric, 100% linen (Atelier Textiles)

Pictured above: Pierre Frey 'Martinique' Fabric, 100% linen (Atelier Textiles)

Pictured above: Lee Jofa, Groundworks 'Cascadia' Fabric (Warwick Fabrics)

Pictured above: GP & J Baker, Threads 'Moro Spice' Fabric, (Warwick Fabrics)

Pictured above: JAB Fabrics  'Squares' Fabric, 100% polyester (Seneca)

Pictured above: JAB Fabrics  'Records' Fabric, 100% polyester (Seneca)

Pictured above: JAB Fabrics  'Records' Fabric, 100% polyester (Seneca)

Pictured above: Kelly Wearstler, Part of the Groundworks collection, (Warwick Fabrics)

Pictured above: Designs of the Time, Glaurung Fabric YP13001 (James Dunlop Textiles)

Pictured above: Designs of the Time, Glaurung Fabric YP13002 (James Dunlop Textiles)

Pictured above: Pierre Frey 'Marabout' Fabric, Multicolour (Atelier Textiles)

Pictured above: Pierre Frey 'Marabout' Fabric, Multicolour (Atelier Textiles)

Pictured above: 'Frangipani' Fabric, Pineapple (Warwick Fabrics)

Pictured above: Osborne & Little, from the Empyrea collection (Seneca)
While these may not fit everyone's budget they are still great for inspiration or a 'feature' window. My client is still deciding, but leaning towards a wide-width Casamance textural weave in a burnt orange. It's not the patterned textile that we originally set out to find, but in polyester it is a more practical choice for a sun-drenched spot, and the colour complements her home beautifully. Some of these amazing pattern designs will make fabulous cushions, so we may still revisit them. That Lee Jofa Cascadia is looking like a winner!
I hope you enjoyed browsing through these gorgeous retro patterned textiles. If I can help you source the perfect fabric for your design project, please be in touch.
Have great day.
Bren x
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Three New Collections From Weave Home NZ - Autumn Winter 2022

Three New Collections From Weave Home NZ - Autumn Winter 2022


Bren Sutton - Ink & Brayer

I'm finally up and running with blogging again! My business has been evolving quickly and I've been head-down researching and planning. I'll have lots of stunning new releases, giveaways, and fab tips to share with you in the coming months. For now I would like to start with the stunning new season releases of cushions and floor rugs from Weave Home NZ.

If you have been thinking of a cushion or rug refresh, it's never been easier. I'd like to share with you Weave's three new collections: Pure Sanctuary, Grounded Allure and Urban Nomad. Together they represent a huge range of new designs in beautiful, earthy, on-trend colours.

In this release Weave introduces four new rug designs and adds new colours to their popular Almonte and Granito rug collections. Worth a special mention is new design Greenwich, woven from 100% New Zealand wool.

A particular strength this season is the ease with which you can mix and match designs to create eye-catching combos. And don't forget, I am here to help. If you like the collection, but don't have time to put together the right combo, I can make that easy for you - just get in touch. You'll make my day!

Enjoy your week,

Bren x

Some items are here now, and some are on their way and can be pre-ordered. If putting together a combo, you might like to download the full catalogue and contact me to order.

Designer cushions from Weave Home NZ

Grounded Allure

Earth tones of terracotta, copper and clay mimic the natural environment and provide comfort to interiors, while pops of coral and olive are evocative of mid century design, creating an inviting aesthetic to recharge and restore.

Featuring textural features of cocooning boucle and embroidered geometrics, Grounded Allure creates a synthesis of the spiritual and physical.

A collection of earthy toned cushions by Weave Home NZ

Pictured above: Cushions and Floor Rug from the Grounded Allure Autumn Winter 2022 Collection by Weave

Pure Sanctuary

Peaceful tones of laurel blue, mixed with soft textures, support spiritual connection and aid in mindful relaxation. Created to provide calm and respite from the current chaos, Pure Sanctuary encompasses soft embroidery and contrasting colours.

Bedroom interior featuring products from the Pure Sanctuary collection by Weave Home NZ

Pictured above: Cushions, Throw, and Floor Rug from the Pure Sanctuary Autumn Winter 2022 Collection by Weave

Urban Nomad

Paying homage to artisan craftsmanship, Urban Nomad features raw textured yarns and old-world techniques that evoke the inner global collector in all of us. The look encompasses strong geometric patterns with soft touch woven fabrics to create an urban nomadic look.

urban Nomad home decor collection by Weave Home NZ

Pictured above: Cushions, Throw, and Floor Rug from the Urban Nomad Autumn Winter 2022 Collection by Weave

Designer Floor rug by Weave Home NZ

Pictured above: Greenwich Floor Rug in Ivory; part of the Grounded Allure and Pure Sanctuary Collections by Weave Home NZ
Bedroom interior featuring designer products from Weave Home NZ

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Inspiration for Artists: Art, Vulnerability, Authenticity and Lukas Graham

Inspiration for Artists: Art, Vulnerability, Authenticity and Lukas Graham


Bren Sutton - Ink & Brayer

Yesterday I was gifted tickets to the documentary 7 Years of Lukas Graham. It was a surprising and inspiring film that I am so grateful to have seen. I now have enormous respect for Lukas, and I admire his absolute unwavering authenticity and raw talent. I thought I was going to see a ‘fame and the music industry destroyed me’ film, but instead what I saw was someone who refused to be moulded and didn’t succumb to the superficial elements of fame.

It was an observational documentary made over seven years, beginning before he and his band hit the charts in the US.  It was an incredibly open and honest account of his journey to fame, revealing sides of himself he says he wasn't aware of and doesn’t like. He was simply Lukas Graham being unapologetically himself through all his highs and lows. He did not attempt to shape the documentary in any way, and in a hosted zoom chat with Lukas and director René Sascha Johannsen after the screening, Lukas revealed there were around 50 cringe moments for him in the film and he hadn’t realised he was such an ‘asshole under pressure’. It is easy to admire Lukas’ strong drive to be a good father and improve himself as a person, while balancing his demanding career and bringing his exceptional talent to the world.

His authenticity, and willingness to show his mistakes and flaws is an inspiration in an era of ‘likes’ and ‘follows’, when so many of us - artists or not - feel the vulnerability of putting ourselves out there where brutal critics abound. I found it so refreshing to see such incredible talent and passion, such raw honest storytelling, without the usual contrivances that can come with money and fame.

It makes me so happy to see artists just being passionate and doing their thing. And it reminded me that there’s nothing to be gained by trying to please people. As artists we just need to know our values and what integrity is to us, keep it close - that’s our guide - then just be us, unashamedly 100% us. Just sharing our passion, making our mistakes and most importantly bringing our art to the world in the way that we want to - not how others want us to.

Lukas, you are an absolute inspiration. 

Thank you!


Trailer: '7 Years of Lukas Graham' - Feature documentary from Sonntag Pictures on Vimeo.



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Welcome from Bren; The Story of Ink & Brayer

Welcome from Bren; The Story of Ink & Brayer

Kia ora and welcome to Ink & Brayer! 


Bren Sutton - Ink & BrayerHi I'm Bren - a designer based in Auckland, New Zealand. It’s been a month since I launched Ink & Brayer, so this welcome is well overdue! But here I am finally, to introduce myself, and to share the story of how Ink & Brayer came to be. Thanks so much for joining me here.

Like so many people, my life turned upside down last year with COVID, but I had a double-whammy to contend with. Just weeks before the first COVID lockdown in New Zealand, my husband Mike was diagnosed with cancer and required major surgery. His odds were not good and he became extremely unwell, very quickly. At that time I was working as a product designer and illustrator for a large NZ souvenir company. The demand for souvenirs plummeted due to the borders closing, so although I was saddened about my job being under threat, the timing wasn’t all bad because I had to focus on my family and to help Mike get through the battle of his life.

Couple Bren and Mike together during Covid lockdown, just after Mike's cancer diagnosis
Image: Me and Mike early in lockdown, just before Mike's health took a downhill plunge. (Notice the dog soft-toy in the window -remember the cute ‘teddy bear in the window phase? How cool on those walks with the kids!)

Mike pulled through his most critical challenge – a liver resection. But his health was still uncertain , appointments were daily, and souvenirs were still not a thing. And Mike could no longer drive. So I needed to create a business that I could work on in flexible hours, sometimes from Mike’s bedside in hospital, and often in waiting rooms. Ink & Brayer was my solution. I set about building a website, but not having a clear vision of what it should be. It wasn’t until I attempted to summarise my creative personality in just a few words that it became clear to me. Print, Pattern, Passion!

I’ve always dreamed of having my own creative business. It was in my thoughts, but not in my plans. COVID made it a necessity, and I am grateful that something so exciting for me has come out of such a difficult time. 

Bren Sutton and Pippa Fay's illustartions mocked up on an apartment wall, along with the sun and plants the room looks like a very happy place

Ink & Brayer is a reflection of everything I love and all the passions and interests in my life. I genuinely love everything I choose for the store. The aesthetic is print and pattern based, with strong illustrative content. It all makes sense when you know my background and who I am as a person.

I was trained in traditional hand-drawn animation and worked for years with Walt Disney Australia. There I discovered a passion for the organic shapes and textures in nature through drawing special effects, and also learnt to see and appreciate strong geometric shapes in drawing. I fell in love at Disney too - with Mike - a fellow kiwi, and we came home together to NZ.

Mike and I started a family, and I worked in several different roles while our children were small, my favourite being surface pattern design. My passion for pattern and colour was ignited!

NZ artist Bren Sutton in her Auckland studio holding some of her illustrations and art prints

Pattern and textiles are now a part of who I am. Art and illustration always was. Printmaking is a new love but has always appealed - I’m particularly drawn to a Japanese aesthetic and I adore wood block and linocut art. Photography has become my almost daily mindfulness practice, mostly just with my iPhone. And so there you have Ink & Brayer - a curation of all my creative passions; but not just my art, because when I fall in love with something, when I get hit with that magical excitement and energy that comes from uplifting design and colour, I have to share it! I want you to feel joy too – to be energised and uplifted by beautiful pattern and colour. There is so much to share. I hope that I can create a space here that you will enjoy visiting – not just to shop, but to feel excited and inspired, a place that makes you want to create too.
I’m just getting started, there is so much to come; please join me on this journey and share your thoughts, your passions, your suggestions. Tell me who your favourite artists are, what makes you happy. I’d love to hear from you.

Have a great day,
Bren X

Oh, and btw, we received great news about Mike’s health last week. Things are looking up!

(AND, because I know you are wondering, a brayer is the roller a printmaker uses to roll out ink.) 

Image below: Me working on an illustration in my home studio, early in my surface pattern design career

Artist Bren Sutton working on an illustration

Image: My vibrant pinboard in the years when I first fell in love with pattern and colour

The vibrant pinboard in Bren's studio when she first fell in love with pattern and colour

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