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Ink and Brayer

Welcome to Ink & Brayer!

Hi, I’m Bren - a New Zealand-based designer. Ink & Brayer, my online store,  is a unique curation of design focusing on exquisite prints, patterns and weaves by a diverse range of artists and brands. The company is born out of my passion for surface pattern design.

There is so much joy in pattern, colour, and tactile weaves. It's these details that add inspiration and texture to our homes and lives. Carefully chosen design will soothe, uplift, and energise.

I am a pattern designer and illustrative product designer, but earlier in my career I worked as a traditional Disney animator. My time as a special effects artist was a highlight, and it was then that I fell in love with organic forms - particularly those in nature. I continue to be captivated by beautiful illustration and pattern - organic and structured. I appreciate traditional artistic mediums, strong graphic shapes and striking colour. A distinctly Japanese aesthetic of simple elegance is also a recurring theme in my curations. I believe that the tactile quality and fine details of a product are extremely important. Great design paired with quality workmanship and materials makes my heart soar, and it is this positive energy that I wish to share with you.
There’s something here for everyone - a treat for yourself, a gift for someone special, or something unique to energise your home or workspace. I hope you find something inspiring and energising here - something that brings you joy.

Bren NZ artist Bren Sutton working on an illustration