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A selection of the beautiful print and pattern-themed products that Ink & Brayer Art & Design store offers


Hi, I'm Bren; a New Zealand-based designer. Ink & Brayer brings you fresh, uplifting art and design by talented artists. When I see art that I love, I feel a surge of inspiration, energy and excitement. It is a wonderful feeling, and I want you to feel that when you visit Ink & Brayer. From wall art, to jewellery and homewares, there’s something here for everyone - a treat for yourself, a gift for someone special, or something unique to spruce up your home. I hope you find something exciting and energising here - something that brings you joy.

Ink & Brayer features some incredible NZ talent - Jen Sievers, Angela Lynskey, Smitten Textile Designs, Pippa Fay, and Anna Leyland, some goodies designed by me, and much more to come. Being a NZ artist is not a requirement, but there’s such fabulous talent here, so that’s where I’ve started. 

I am so excited about this journey. I hope you enjoy the print, pattern and passion you will find here. Thanks so much for taking the time to visit. 


I was originally trained as a traditional animator and worked in the industry for several studios including Walt Disney Australia. Through the years I moved from hand-drawn to computer animation, and then as I went on to have a young family I worked in a variety of roles including retail, fabric design, and product design. Ink & Brayer is an opportunity for me to immerse myself in art using my varied experience and influences. I am very drawn to a Japanese aesthetic of simple elegance, and I particularly love woodblock or linocut art. Exciting use of colour captivates me - this stuff brings me joy! I am so energised by fresh design, bold geometrics and striking pattern, so that is what I aim to bring to you.
NZ artist Bren Sutton working on an illustration