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Artist Jen Sievers

Jen Sievers

Artist, Author, Mother,
Mindfulness Enthusiast.

Jen's mission is to bring joy into your home. She does this with her distinctive colours, and by injecting all of her strongest positive, magical energy into every single piece. She uses acrylic paints with fresh colours, sweeping lines and a contemporary edge. She has a passion for the abstract, but doesn't let that define her. She mostly paints on perspex, canvas and paper, but struggles to settle down on one style when there are so many amazing things to paint. Her varying and constantly evolving style offers something for most artistic tastes. She paints obsessively in her home studio in the foothills of the Waitakeres, New Zealand (when she's not at work or being a mum). 

Jen is passionate about mindfulness and creativity. She's a full time practising abstract artist, and holds a diploma in mindfulness for children.

Jen Sievers Abstract Artist, Auckland, New Zealand