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If it’s not covered here, please email me, or give me a call. Any questions at all, I’m happy to answer your queries or hear your feedback.

Do you have a physical store?
No, Ink & Brayer is only online - sorry.

Where are you based?
Mt Albert, Auckland, New Zealand.

Can I pick up my goods from somewhere?
I understand the desire to avoid shipping costs and will do what I can to help, however a large number of the products on Ink & Brayer cannot be collected as they are despatched by my suppliers. I don't allow collection from my home office except under exceptional circumstances. I am happy to deliver locally for free (Mt Albert/Eden), and sometimes in the wider central Auckland area - it doesn’t hurt to ask! I will do what I can, when I can, depending on my schedule. Please contact me if you wish to investigate this option. If you pay shipping at checkout, but then we arrange a pickup or delivery, shipping will be refunded.

Do you offer an interior design service?
No, but I do have samples of fabrics and rugs that Ink & Brayer sells, as well as access to, and am familiar with, Auckland's top textile houses and the extensive ranges they offer. Alongside an industry expert I offer on-site consults for window treatments and drapery. I am a designer and I have a good understanding of what is available on the market, so I can offer suggestions or assist you in a similar way to an interior designer, but I do not offer project management and I don't assist with furniture, only the categories that I sell - cushions, drapery, wallcoverings, floor rugs, and textiles.

I also help with styling, can make suggestions for combinations and mixing of interior patterns and colours, and with access to thousands of quality fabrics I can find the perfect textile for custom cushions or drapes. Wallpapers too, especially wall murals, are a passion of mine, so I would be delighted to help you find the perfect wall-covering for your residential or commercial space. Let's just call me a "decor designer' if that's a thing! 

There are items in your downloadable catalogues that you don't have online. Am I able to buy these items?
Yes, if the supplier has them in stock I can secure these items for you.

Do you have other framing options for artwork?
In most cases I can offer other framing options and accommodate special framing requests. Please contact me to discuss options. This is not offered by default due to the extra time it requires in processing, but if this is something you would like then I will do my best to help.

Why the name Ink & Brayer? What is a ‘brayer’?
A brayer is the roller that a printmaker uses to roll out ink. I am inspired by the bold contrasts and expressive mark-making of woodblock and lino printing, as well as the elegant aesthetic and intricate patterns in Japanese printed art. This store is a reflection of my passion for pattern, print and art of all kinds, so I chose a name that felt personally fitting and inspires me.