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Ikigai by Mokum

“Ikigai is a Japanese concept, regarded by some as a philosophy for life or a recipe for happiness - encompassing joy, health, community, and finding a sense or purpose.” 

Ikigai Collection by Mokum

Ikigai by Mokum

Created by Mokum, artisanal craftsmanship is celebrated and revered within the Ikigai textile collection, as conscious consumers steer away from mass produced items in search of bespoke, specialty pieces which create joy within the interior space. Ikigai seeks to deliver a collection, which is contemporary at its core, however offers longevity via its quality and classical inspiration. 

Ikigai collection by Mokum

Ink and Brayer offers a selection of ready-made and custom-made cushions made from the textiles in the Ikigai collection. Ink & Brayer can supply any of the Ikigai fabrics, and wallpapers, and also put you in touch with drapery specialists who work with this collection. If you love Ikigai, please get in touch, so I can show you the full range and help you to curate the perfect solutions for your space. 

Ikigai by Mokum

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Mizu Garden

Mizu Garden is a serene hand painted oasis inspired by Japanese watercolor paintings and features two red crowned cranes, which in Asian culture are a symbol of luck and longevity. The cranes are elegantly wading within the Mizu water garden, which features floral motifs referencing waterlilies from Lotus and peonies and wisteria flowers. The name Mizu derives from the Japanese word for water. The palette is nuanced, anchored in mineral green foliage, accented with feminine floral motifs, expertly hand painted in shades of pinks, reds and purple. It features as a linen fabric panel suitable for drapery, and also as a wallpaper panel.

Ikigai by Mokum

 Ikigai Wallpaper Panels by Mokum

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Ikigai by MokumLotus, IkigaiIkigai by Mokum, Custom made cushions by Ink and BrayerLotus Willow, Ikigai by Mokum; Custom made cushions. by Ink and BrayerLotus Powder, Ikigai by Mokum; Custom made cushions by Ink and Brayer

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