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Yoshitoshi - Set of 3 Vintage Handprinted Reproductions | Authentic Japanese Artprints


A set of three, genuine vintage, hand-printed reproductions of the Japanese artist Tsukioka Yoshitoshi’s 32 Aspects of Women. The following prints from the series are included:

Thirsty: Habits of a street geisha, a bar-girl, of the Ansei era [1854-1859]

Strolling: Habits of the wife of a nobleman of the Meiji era.

Enjoying: Habits of a teacher of the Kaei era.

These were likely hand-printed in Japan around the 1920s, and have much authentic charm. Colours are still very vibrant and crisp. Each print has unique visible flaws, due to print technique and age, but I believe these things only add to the charm of the prints. 

I have selected the very best quality prints, from my stock, for the set of three Yoshitoshi art prints. 

Paper Size: 38.7cm H x 26cm W
Print Size: 36.6cm H x 24cm W

About the Artist and Series:

Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (Japanese: 月岡 芳年; also named Taiso Yoshitoshi 大蘇 芳年; 30 April 1839 – 9 June 1892) was a Japanese artist, widely recognised as the last great master of the ukiyo-e genre of woodblock printing and painting. He is also regarded as one of the form's greatest innovators. His career spanned two eras – the last years of Edo period Japan, and the first years of modern Japan following the Meiji Restoration. Like many Japanese, Yoshitoshi was interested in new things from the rest of the world, but over time he became increasingly concerned with the loss of many aspects of traditional Japanese culture, among them traditional woodblock printing.

A print from series 'Fūzoku Sanjūnisō (風俗 三十二相)', or '32 Aspects of Customs and Manners' or '32 Aspects of Daily Life', or '32 Aspects of Women' (as it is better known as today). The series dates from the very end of Yoshitoshi's career, in the late nineteenth century.