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Introducing Weave Home Autumn Winter 23

Introducing Weave Home Autumn Winter 23

The Weave Home Autumn/Winter 23 collection is here and I am so thrilled to say I believe it's their strongest collection yet. Colours and textures are bang-on trend with exquisite olive and sage greens alongside warm, earthy tones, and a heap of tactile bouclé weaves.

Best of all, it's never been easier to mix and match items to work with your preferred scheme. With such a wide range of versatile prints and textures, Weave Home have created mini-collections so it is easy to select pieces that work together. This season really is something to get excited about!

Weave Home Autumn Winter 23
Weave Home Autumn Winter 2023
Weave Home NZ Autumn Winter 2023

Provoked by travels to beloved places and born out of the desire to bring a designer quality into soft furnishings, Weave is a collection of unique cushions, lush throws, timeless rugs and beautifully sumptuous French Flax linen bedding. Explore the new Weave Home cushions, throws and rugs through their collections below that allow you to easily mix and match colour, texture and mood.

The Sabi Collection

Cushions, Throws, Rugs

The Sabi Collection of rugs, throws and cushions by Weave Home NZ

Inspired by a traditional Japanese Wabi-Sabi aesthetic, Sabi pays homepage to the beauty in imperfection, and reinterprets a country haven.

This paired back look brings calming tones and soft, textural definition that awakens the senses - both visually and aesthetically. Balancing serenity and luxury, placement stripes and checks offer a modern take on a traditional style, whilst houndstooth bouclé adds depth and sophistication. The on-trend hues of green invite quietude and introspection while organic geometric shapes create structure with raw materials used to ground you.


The Qualia Collection

Cushions, Throws, Rugs

The Qualia Collection of rugs, throws and cushions by Weave Home NZ

Subtle in its grace, and grounding in the tonal earthy hues, Qualia creates a sophisticated modern twist on timeless neutrals.

The rich hues of coal and clay evoke an urban haven that is centering yet transcendent in its simplicity. The natural materials and raw, handwoven, textual elements of Qualia create a clean structured, trend-focused aesthetic, with a space to release overthinking and move forward with purpose. Bouclé accents create a strong statement, while lineal features and block colour create a moody yet soothing dependability.

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The Indra Collection

Cushions, Throws, Rugs

The Indra collection of cushions, throws, and rugs by Weave home nz

Immerse yourself in the indulgence of the Indra collection. Calming hues of sapphire balance the senses while bringing a luxurious pop of colour that lifts the winter solstice.

The consciously curated geometric accents paired with soft touch natural fibres create a visual interest of a simplistic yet refined collection. Inspired by rumbling skies of an overcast day, and dark seas of a winter coastal escape, Indra offers a tranquil haven creating a sanctuary to soothe and relax.

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New Season Throw Blankets

Throughout the collection you'll find an extensive offering of new wool throw blankets. Weave offers large sizes that are perfect for draping or folding at the end of the bed for a pop of colour, natural texture, and for use on cooler nights. The Autumn Winter 23 collection also features new bouclé offerings and a wide selection of on-trend colours for the couch or for outdoor entertaining.

Weave Home Wool throw blankets 2023
Weave Home NZ tangelo Lerwick throw draped over a chair

Weave Home NZ Bouclé Wool Throw Blankets AW23

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Explore the beautiful offerings of Weave Home NZ Autumn Winter 2023, and be sure to get in touch if you would like some assistance choosing the right colours and items for your home.

I offer free interior design advice to my customers in relation to products I sell online. You can contact me by email, or book a 15 minute chat. I'd love to hear from you!

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