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Ruanui Station Luxurious Lambswool Throw Blankets

Ruanui Station Luxurious Lambswool Throw Blankets

Throws are a versatile accessory, making spaces more welcoming with a complementary combination of colour and texture. Woollen throws are highly sought after for their natural sustainability, warmth, and beauty.


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For a cosier texture, lambs’ wool fibre has a finer diameter than ewes’ wool, creating an even softer yarn. Ruanui Station is known throughout the world for its’ luxuriant lambs’ wool throws. The origin of this particular lambs’ wool is just as exceptional as the quality - grown exclusively at Ruanui Station in the Central North Island of New Zealand.

Ruanui Station Farm in Taihape NZ

Situated in the hills west of Taihape, with a backdrop of the majestic Mount Ruapehu, the large farming station sits at an altitude of 550m above sea level and benefits from the rich soils of the volcanic plateau.

Ruanui Station Sheep Farm Taihape NZ

As the third-generation of their family to farm at Ruanui Station, the Carpenter’s have a strong sense of guardianship of the land and respect for its history. As a reflection of this, products are named after a paddock at Ruanui Station, connecting the final product back to the land, from where it originated. Shepherds tend to their stock on horseback, just as they have for 150 years.
Here the ewes experience optimal wellbeing, grazing on an abundant pasture within the 3,150 hectares of farmland. Shearing takes place twice yearly, and lambs born in spring are shorn alongside their mothers in January.

Ruanui Station Farm in Taihape, nz

At Ruanui Station the diameter of the lambs’ wool fibre, known as microns, is around 29 microns – to put that in perspective, a human hair is around 100 microns wide. This makes for an incredibly soft and luxuriant yarn.

After shearing the wool is washed or scoured in Hawkes Bay with biodegradable and eco-friendly detergent. All contaminants such as wool grease, mud, seeds and thorns are removed, resulting in the cleanest processed wool in the world, ensuring the highest quality end product.

Once cleaned, the wool journeys to Wellington where it is then milled to the highest technical standard and spun into a weaving count of 1/11 (Yorkshire Skeins Woollen), resulting in fine soft stands of yarn.

In Auckland, the Ruanui Station yarn is dyed and woven into luxuriant products of exceptional quality. A truly Kiwi-made product from start to finish.

Ruanui Station nz wool blankets draped over chairs

Naturally sustainable Ruanui Station throws make a beautiful gift for loved ones here in New Zealand or abroad. They make a colourful, textural decor piece for your home or a cosy travel blanket in the car. 

Ruanui Station Lambswool throw draped over the end of a bed

Shop Ruanui Station 100% NZ Made Lambswool Throw Blankets online at Ink & Brayer. Enjoy free shipping NZ wide. International shipping available. Please contact us with any questions.


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