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Our Story

Bren Sutton, Interior Designer and Company Director at Ink & Brayer, NZ

Hi, I'm Bren — a New Zealand-based designer. My company Ink & Brayer was born out of my passion for surface pattern design. I believe there is much joy in pattern, colour, and tactile weaves and that these details add inspiration and texture to our homes and lives. Carefully chosen design can soothe, uplift and energise.

I am influenced by my unique design experience. I am an interior designer specialising in textiles, but have worked in many design roles including surface pattern designer, illustrator and product designer, and earlier in my career I worked as a traditional Disney animator. During my time as a special effects artist for television animation I fell in love with organic forms - particularly those in nature. I continue to be captivated by beautiful illustration and pattern. I appreciate traditional artistic mediums, strong graphic shapes and striking colour. A distinctly Japanese aesthetic of simple elegance is also a recurring theme in my curations.

Aucklnad interior designer Bren Sutton selecting fabrics with a client

At Ink & Brayer the tactile quality and fine details of a product are extremely important. Great design paired with quality workmanship and materials makes my heart soar, and it is this positive energy that I wish to bring into the homes and interiors of my customers and clients.

Interior designer Bren Sutton from Ink and Brayer looking at designer linens for window treatments


Looking at some designer fabrics with interior designer Bren Sutton from Ink & Brayer

I love connecting with my customers, and welcome enquiries. If you love the Ink & Brayer aesthetic, please get in touch! I would love to help you create an inspiring space that brings you joy.

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The Ink & Brayer Studio

Interior Designer Bren Sutton of Ink & Brayer in her home studioWelcome to my happy place! I have created a small studio space where I can work from home. It's a no fuss space, but somewhere where I feel happy and creative, and this feeling is what I want to bring to my clients.

My mission is to help people who love great design to create beautiful, unique and uplifting spaces where they can be creative, calm, or energised. I want to inspire others with my passion for pattern and textiles, and bring that joy into people's homes and lives.

So please contact me now if you would like help creating a special space where you can feel good.

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